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Glossary of Probate Terms

Administrator/rix - a person appointed by the Court to take charge of the Estate of a decedent who dies without a Will. Also called a personal representative.

Beneficiary - a person designated to receive money, property or benefits in a Will.

Bequest - a gift of personal property by a Will.

Bequeath - to dispose of personal property through a Will.

Codicil - an addition or supplement to an original Will that adds to or deletes only part of a Will.

Decedent - a deceased person.

Devise - a gift of real estate through a Will.

Domestic Partnership - Two people that are not related and 18 years of age and of the same sex or of the opposite sex age 62 years or older.

Estate all assets that a person owns, including personal and real property, as well as their liabilities like debts and taxes.

Executor/rix - a person named in a Will to carry out the wishes and intentions of the Will, also known as a personal representative.

Guardian - a person who has been qualified and/or been appointed as a guardian of the person and/or property of a minor or adult mental incompetent.

Heir - a person who inherits property from a deceased person.

Holographic Will - a will that does not have proper witnesses at the signing. A holographic will is also handwritten.

Intestate - when a person dies without a Will.

Joint tenants with rights of survivorship - two or more persons owning real estate where the survivor will inherit the property.

Legatee - a person who receives a gift under a Will.

Personal property - intangible property, such as stocks, bonds, or bank accounts and tangible property such as jewelry, furniture or an automobile.

Probate the process to determine the official proof of authenticity or validity of a Will.

Real property - land and/or buildings.

Surrogate - the elected county official who oversees probate in the State of New Jersey.

Tenants in Common - two or more persons owning undivided individual interests in a single piece of property.

Tenants by the Entirety - real property owned as husband and wife with rights of survivorship.

Testator/rix - the person who makes a Will.

Trust - property owned or managed by a person for another.

Trustee - person holding property in trust for another.

Will - a legal declaration of the manner in which a person wishes their estate to be distributed after death.

Witness - person who observes the signing of a Will and/or codicil and attests to the signature of the Testator/rix

We hope that this compilation of probate law terms helps guide you during this process. If you need an experienced probate attorney in New Jersey please contact us.



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